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Mk3 Leaking Injectors 1+4 Help?


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After having a leak off test completed on my Mk3 2ltr TDCI, I have been told that injectors 1+4 have a very slight leak. This is causing white smoke and erratic idle on start up.

My question is a) how long are they likely to go on for in this state and B) could they be refurbed by a diesel specialist? Cant really afford to fork on out 4 new injectors?

Thanks all

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Its about £100 for a TDCI injector recondition, if you can convince them to do it cash like i did. around £120 + VAT normally. Normally i would say dont get some from a scrappy they normally dont work.

you can put the reconditioned injector back in without recoding it into the ecu but the car may run a little rough.

anyone with half decent diagnostics will do the recoding for about £25.

The code on the injector is more to do with fuel patterns and quantity not immobiliser related.

I would recommend buying the injector removal tool "21 mm socket long with cut out for spanner" and searching locally for an injector cleaning company I use just diesels in newcastle however there are local ones all over.

Dont run the engine too long with a over fuel it will cause hydrolic pressure in the piston and could damage valves head gasket piston or mean a complete new engine.

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go to a proper delphi diesel agent, dont bother with cash only deals as you are likely to get stung with no come back. Probably looking around about £100 + vat per injector, you can recode them yourself if you get some software called formidable (along with the lead from ebay) also works as a code clearer etc

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