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Real World Fuel Consumption - 2011 Mondeo Estate 140Ps Diesel


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Good evening all. I am new to this forum, and looking to see if there are any other owners of the new Mondeo estate with the 140 PS diesel having poor fuel consumption.

I have owned 3 mondeo estates over the last few years progressing from the 125PS stage 3 engined LX (52 plate), to a 140PS stage 4 engined Zetec (07 plate), to my new car which is a 140PS stage 5 (61 plate).

I was happy to see my fuel consumption improve when I switched from the 125PS (52 plate) to the 140PS (07 plate). On a long run, cruising at 80 mph I was getting about 48 mpg instead of 44 mpg.

I was expecting to see a further improvement with my new car (61 plate) but was hugley dissapointed to get only 41mpg on a 700 mile trip cruising at 80 mph. The car has 4000 miles on the clock. My local Ford dealer suggested I should leave it a bit longer before they would consider it necessary for them to investigate. The spec sheets indicate that the fuel consumption should be 11% better over the stage 4 engine of my previous car.

Is anybody else on this forum seeing unexpectedly poor fuel consumtion from their new Mondeo Diesel 140 PS Estate? I should add that I do pay great attention to fuel economy, and drive 'like a nun', and have kept the same driving style across all the the cars.

Thanks for your comments.

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I don't have your model of car, but share your disappointment with regard to fuel consumption.........

My 1.8TDCi Titanium gives me about 42mpg, which is about 5mpg less than my MK4 2.0TDCi under similar (local) driving. I know it's a heavier car, but the performance is disappointing too - try pulling away swiftly from 1000rpm and it's just a huge flat spot until it slowly reaches 1700rpm. Then, after a bit of a kick, it's all over after another 1500rpm or so........

I did get 48mpg once on a long journey, but that was rather a milestone, and it is usually no more than 46mpg. Motorways with my old MK4 gave me 50mpg regularly.

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