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Need Help!! Rear Passenger Door Will Not Open From Inside Or Outside :/


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Hi everyone

Need a little help with my fiesta 52 Mk6 (newer shape), my passenger rear door driver side door will not open from inside or out. I think the door handle mechanism is broken does anyone know how to get to the door mechanism even when you cant get the door open to get the door panel off? Or can you get the door panel off with the door shut? Really hope someone can help as its really getting me down because i only bought the car the other day.



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I would have thought you could get the door panel off with the door closed although it would be more difficult as you will be crouching inside the car. I would think you would probably need to remove the seat base which if I remember correctly involves removing one torx bolt on each of the two hinges (that is how it was on my 2007 fiesta - I removed the seat base a few times when needing extra load space )

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