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James' Fiesta Mk6.5 Zetec S Tdci (Pic Heavy!)


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Hi all, not been on the forum for a while having bought a Fiesta, sold the Focus and been mega busy at work.

Il copy this from another forum, so if the odd bit dosnt make scence... sorry!

Heres some pictures from the day I picked her up from Wales:






And one of the misses car (Soon to be replaced by a mk6.5 fez)


One of the two together:


It was a miserable cold day but we still had a bit of time to look around and drive some of the awesome roads.



Theres a few niggles that need sorting with it which will be done when money allows. But for now im saving for the insurance renewal in a few months.... (This is not going well LOL!)

First mod was a bonnet bra... the bonnet has a couple of nasty stone chips in it which I cant afford to be repaird, so for the mean time, this will cover it up and make me feel better ;)


First time iv taken photos at night (Didnt go too well.. only 1 came out half decent) :


Beading shot :P


Painted front callipers:





DMB overlays and boot lock cover fitted





Laguna splitter fitted (Worse job ever in below 0 temp on a stone driveway!)



Worth it though :D

Birthday prezzy from inlaws :)


Soon put to use: (went mad with pics)


This is the front wing polished and bumper not polished.. you can see the difference!











I also got the gopro hero2 out for the first time in a long time (Normally use it when racing bikes, but due to work not been out for ages!)














Will be removed again in a week or so's time to flatten off the lacquer and get that mirror shine. Quite happy bearing in mind it was my first time spraying anything... and it was only rattle cans too.

Mist jets removed from the focus before I sold it happen to fit the fez :) so they were colour coded and fitted too!



Crimbo prezzie from the misses :D :D :D Cant have them till crimbo day though :( Cant wait!


So this is the list...


Boot lock cover

Put in 12v lighter socket (missing when I bought the car)

Replaced passenger side headlight (damaged when bought)

DMB overlays black/chrome

Paint front callipers blue

Colour code boot grab

Colour code exterior door handles

Colour code front fog light surrounds

Colour coded mist washer jets

Laguna front splitter

Richbrook gear knob

In progress:

Fit scangauge for an OEM look (Fitted, but not looking OEM yet)

To do list:

Detailed clean/try remove some light scratches

Leather gear gator

Upgrade audio

Paint brake drums black

Aero wipers

Mountune MRD270 remap

Lower 30/40mm

Richbrook aeriel

Rubber floor mats

Wind deflectors

Colour code bump strips

Paint grilles (Satin black or gloss?)

I will try keep everything up to date as much as possible. C+C welcome :)

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nice to see a thread like this... good job on the polish too

Thanks. Theres not really many project threads on here... Should be a dedicated section perhaps?

The polish was only a quick once over.. it was about +1degrees with the threat of rain so rushed it quite abit, that blackhole polish is amazing though!

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For the love of god please take that bonnet bra off. Bras are for !Removed!! A stone chipped Fiesta looks much better than one covered in that monstrosity.

But apart from that nice car ;)

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Gotta side with nath on this one mate. Not liking the bonnet bra.

But apart from that, everything else is really looking bang on mate.

Liking it a lot. You've only just got the car and already done a fair bit so fair play. It's good to see you back on here.

Concerning the audio, have you got anything in mind concerning a new head unit?

As for project threads, mine hasn't been getting much views lately :( which is surprising since i've got a few more big mods out the way lately with my new head unit n reverse camera.

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Im not overkeen on the bra... but think it looks alright. I dont often have it on to be honest, and tend to take it off for photos anyway.

Iv not got any real plans for audio... thats the last of my worries. Once everything else is done I wouldnt mind a double din and some upgraded door Speakers. But im not a fan of subs and stuff on the parcel shelf- adds weight, looks bad and means I cant get as much gear in the back when im away racing.

Remap will be the next big thing, followed by 40mm Eibach springs, and rear axle spacers. Keeping my eye out for ARB's going cheap too :)

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Not much of an update to be honest. Ordered a bunch of small things on eBay (Prety much all under £5 so nothing exciting)

LED numberplate bulbs,

Couple of stickers,

Leather gear gator (Custom made to fit my richbrook gear knob)

Some radio keys so I can get the code off the back to generate a key code (Not got a code with the car)

And a few detailing bits.

Iv been eyeing up a set of 12.5mm rear axel spacers for it.. Think it would make it look alot better as the rear wheels look a little lost in the arches, will also improve handeling too.

Oh... And yesterday I bought my first californian scents air freshener.... OH MY! :)

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My girlfriend picked up a fiesta a few weeks ago... Everything loaded on it. Really nice car. Its a 1.4 petrol zetec freedom in moondust silver.


Today we done her first mod which was to debadge the rear.





And a couple of them together smile.png




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Spent much of today cleaning the car. Then decided to 'test fit' my new plates as the girlfriend still hasnt hidden them for wrapping biggrin.png Now my excuse is that I cant take them off because the holes for the old number plates are covered up by the velcro biggrin.png ... Im gunna get my balls chopped for this!

Anyway bunch of pictures coming your way!!!!



















Not great quality pictures I know... Tried my best at touching them up a little... Failed epically!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Few small updates, il let the pictures do the talking:


And heres an idea of how to put the 's' to good use... But im not overkeen...


Car was filthy but couldnt turn down the oppertunity of this car park, which was empty, however next to no lighting :/






And my favourites smile.png



Richbrook fitted


Now I have next to no radio reception :/ so audio adaptor has been ordered so I can finally plug an mp3/ipod in.

The base needs CC'ing

Little addition to the 'dirty derv' sticker. I think the little bomb finishes it off :D


And these will be fitted to the misses car today :


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  • 3 months later...

So I kinda gave up with the thread as there was very little replys...

Thaught i'd just put an update up, fair bits happened since last time.

Eibach -35mm springs
12.5mm Rear axle spacers
Colour coded a few bits
Painted drums black
Fitted radio controll stalk
Fitted AUX plug
Led boot light
Led side lights
Split and sprayed headlights
Yellow fog tints
Few small scratches removed
K&N Panel filter
Floor mats

Aero blades

4 X Toyo Proxes 4's

And finally, last week she was remapped at AMD tuning
Results were - Before map -105hp & 172lb/ft
- After map - 117.3hp & 204.1lb/ft





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  • 2 weeks later...

you definitely have a cracking looking fiesta mate

lot of effort gone into it

when you fancy coming to give my focus a valet? ;)

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Cheers buddy, Appreciate it!

Well a busy few days coming up, Round 2 on the bike this monday, then the following day the car is going off to Jake at True Depths detailing to have a good going over and machine polish, just in time for FITP :)

Few things have been done, professionally sprayed boot grab and door handles thanks to Paintmodz.

Expect more photos in the coming weeks :)

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Hi James, I think the car looks spot on, as some have said they don't like the bonnet bra -so what we are all entitled to our own opinions, looks ok to me its just not a common sight, loads in USA.

I have been looking at this type of polish for my dark morrello Fiesta as I have some swirl marks on the bonnet I inherited when bought.

Anyhow, keep up the blogging as its good to see subtle mods done.

I am also looking to have my tdci pumping more torque as its prety flat at low revs.



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Hi Martin!

I'v always liked them really, never thaught I'd have one on my own car though, I only ever use it for shows/photos. Simply bought due to a huge stone chip in the bonnet, along with a small crease where the bonnet latch is (hardly noticable to be honest) but enough to bug me!

Poorboys black hole is really good for covering up minor swirl marks and scratches. I use Megs ScratchX for scratches and that seems to work a treat. However nothing will ever completly cover up the swirls, other than a paint correction/machine polish.

The remap completly changed the car, best £ for £ mod iv done.

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Hi James, thinking of either a TDI box or a re-map from Angel tune.

I have been looking for a while and there is a good tutorial on fitting the TDI box on here to my exact model.

My 'friend' Lenny has also had his tdci re-mapped plus other stuff.

It really annoys me when I get stones bouncing off my cars as it was almost factory fresh when I bought it almost a year ago with 8,500mls but have done almost 27,000 mls so to be expected, almost all done on M6 so stones travelling at high speeds are expected to leave there mark!!

Any how all the best


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Cheers guys, appreciate the comments.

I guess the main thing is I love the car, but when others like it so much too, it makes all the time and effort worth while :D

Anyway... Round 2 of the national championship on the bike tomorow, looking forward to it, currently sitting 7th in the championship after round 1 so look to try maintain a top 10 position.

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Not done much interior wise to be honest, that will be last if I decide to do anything, iv fitted aux plug, radio controll stalk and scangauge II and thats about it.

I played with the idea of the 'S' on the front grille but went off it quite quick :/

Anyway, just got back from round 2 of the national championship with another solid 7th result snatching the position on the last corner of the last lap! Loving the racing at the moment, really have stepped up another level this year. No more being spent on the car for the next couple of months as its all going into keeping me out on track as much as possible. Round 3 only 2 weeks away and cant wait!

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So took the car to Jake at True Depths detailing yesterday for a 'Quick' going over ready for FITP.

Arrived at about 8:30am to see Jake waiting with pressure washer and foam lance in hand ready for work to begin!

So first step was a going over with snow foam, whilst that dewlled jake went round all the hard to get at areas with a APC and brush, window edges, door shuts, panel shut lines, fuel cap etc etc..
Then he set about the wheels too. Once the car was rinced down he went over the car with shampoo and wash mitt. Once the car was rinced off again he then moved onto fall out remover (Boy that stuff stinks!!), another rince and then a layer of tar remover.
Once the tar remover had done its work we clayed the car ready for machine polishing.
Jake only lightly went over the paintwork with AM glaze with the M/P because the swirling wasn't too bad and we plan to give it a full going over later in the summer when he has a unit set up. So after a couple of blasts over with the machine polisher (which I was too scared to use! lol ) he then polished a couple of needed areas by hand and then sealed with AM seal to protect. Trim and tyres finished off with Megs endurance tyre gel.

Heres some snaps from the day:








Lovley looking glanza in the background no?..... May be sitting pretty but the trusty ol fez had to come to the rescue come lunch time as the glanza had run out of electrisity wink.gif Wish I got a pic of that!!

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