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Dtc Fault Code 5750


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my powertrain warning light comes on now and again.

done the dashboard trick to find out the codes and 2 have flagged up:

codes 9601 & 5750.

I know code 9601 is - PATS Received Incorrect Key-Code from Ignition Key

Transponder (unprogrammed Encoded Ignition Key)

although i dont seem to have any problem with my key.

cant find anything about code 5750?

could somebody please help me out?



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9601 refers to the key because the dash is part of the immobiliser system and has recorded the fact that an uncoded key has been put into the ignition, that probably goes back to the factory when keys were coded to the car.

I've had that too and means nothing of importance.

5750 is not a fault code at all, most of the info from the dash check means nothing useful, most of the data is dash related hexadecimal information that the dash recieves from the car on normal running. (raw data on fuel, revs, speed, temperature, etc.)

The only way to get proper fault data is with a code reader via the OBD port.

When was the car last serviced?

It could be something simple like a clogged fuel filter, low injector pressure or a low airflow through the filter.

If you haven't had a service in a while i'd recommend that.

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Hello folks,

I am new here, but I came across the 5070 code recently and I do think it's related to the throttle pedal sensor.

My 2007 1.6 TCDi Focus was code free until yesterday - when I removed the throttle to replace my cabin air filter [LHD car]. Before plugging the throttle again, I turned the key and I got a system failure message. After re-assembling the throttle and bolting it back the car started normally.

I checked the codes from the dash, and instead of none I saw DTC #1 5070. I plugged in my bluetooth OBDII anc checked the codes on mu phone and the was the P0222 'throttle/pedal position/switch "B" circuit low input' code!

I cleared it, and the dash code cleared too.

My conclusion from this is that the DTC 5070 is actually related to the throttle pedal.

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