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Leak Into Cabin

Ed Banks

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I purchased a 56 plate (Mk3) Mondeo in July this year. No problems when I purchased the vehicle however since the winter with all the associated rain, I noticed a few weeks ago that the passenger side footwells were wet. I did some research online and saw that a common cause was an incorrectly fitted pollen filter.

I purchased a new pollen filter and noticed that when fitting it, the plastic cowling at the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side was not clicked correctly into the guide strip on the bottom of the windscreen. Upon removing the old pollen filter, it was wet, although not saturated. I fitted the new filter and clicked the cowling back into place correctly. I dried the carpets out with a carpet cleaner and thought it was all sorted.

When initially discovering the carpets were wet, the rear footwell was soaking wet and the front one damp but not soaking. I just presumed that the pollen filter was the cause. I thought that the moisture was travelling towards the back as a result of forwards motion when driving. Now, a couple of weeks on, when checking the carpets again after a lot more rain, I discover they are once again soaking wet. I have checked them on a regular basis and the rear footwell appears to have got wet first. In fact, it is so wet, if you push down on it a puddle is created. The carpet which runs up against the bottom of the door to the door seal seems to be dry which makes me think that the door seals are not the problem. I feel that the water is getting in from underneath the vehicle.

I have two questions: -

1. Has anybody else experienced this problem with such severity?

2. The 3 month warranty I had with the vehicle ran out in October and I am considering contacting Bristol Street Motors Customer Services and asking them to inspect the vehicle free of charge as a good will gesture as it appears that the problem was already with the vehicle when I purchased it in July but not obvious due to the dry summer weather. So, what are peoples' experiences with customer services with problems when a vehicle is out of warranty?

I had an 05 plate Mondeo prior to this vehicle and never experienced this problem.

I would be extremely grateful for any advice.



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check to se the rear wiper washer jet works if no water the pipe runs that side and theres a join in the back under carpet if not washer jet check.failing that hose pipe around the area door seals weather strip top of tailgate or rubber grommet on floor not seated well

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Peter, thanks for your reply. Think I've found the problem. Hole in the rubber grommet that you mentioned. Both on the inside and underneath of the car. Can't put my finger through as they don't match up exactly but when spraying a hose pipe underneath water comes up through the inner hole. Trouble is it Looks like it may already have been sealed on the inside as there is no grommet that can simply be removed and replaced and resealed. Will some gutter sealant in both holes do the trick or do you think it may need further inspection?

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