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Street Ka Fog Lamps


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I've just bought my daughter a blue Street Ka for her Christmas and I'm having a lot of fun in it till she passes her driving test.

It doesn't have the front fog lamps fitted although these are in the boot, brand new and un-opened.

Had a look at these yesterday and there doesn't appear to be sufficient space to install them from behind. Is it a full bumper off job? If so how is this done?

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Shouldn't be. I can only speak about experience I had changing both fog lamps in my wife's StreetKa. Didn't need to take the bumper off, but there are quite a few bolts holding one some plastic trims underneath, all of which around the fog lamps had to be removed. Then getting the lamp in and out was a little bit like a chinese puzzle, but got there in the end. Luckily the plastics are all thin an will bend somewhat, but be careful as don't want to snap the bumper or damage the paint!

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The offside fog lamp on our StreetKa was smashed today probably a by stone off the road although my wife does not remember anything unusual I spotted it when she got home from work this evening.

I had a good look underneath and saw the plastic trim it is a bit convoluted and the fixings are those dreaded torx head bolts on some of the fixings.

I will tackle this when I get the replacement lamp.

Is it worth fitting the genuine Ford part or do the pattern lamps fit OK?

Is there any way to protect these fog lamps as they are a bit vulnerable.

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StreetKa Luxury Front Fog Lamp. sJust went down to my apartment block´s underground garage today to find one of the front fog lamps lense covers broken. (LHD, Spanish reg, driver´s side). Didn´t notice it before.

Does one have to replace the whole unit or can one just buy the glass? How difficult is it to fit?

Thanks in anticipation of any help.

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