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Drain The Radiator

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hi all

here is a good one

does any one know how to drain the radiator on a 2006 mondeo lx

i have looked for a drain plug but cant see one no where

so i thought i would take the bottom hose off

my hose has a clip which i have popped off but how do you get the pipe off i have been told it is a twist

but i have tried this on the top hose as it is better to get to but no way is that coming off

i need to empty the rad because i have put a cleaner through the system as it just had water in it

now i need to get it out and put anti freeze in it

any advise would be great

thanks a lot


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IIRC there is a drain plug at the bottom corner on the passenger side, at the back of the radiator. Or was that on the Focus?

Either way, almost everybody just takes the bottom hose off. It will be very tight and will require a mixture of pulling and twisting to remove it. It's easier to get it off when the engine's been running, as the rubber will be slightly more flexible as it's hot. It's also easier to burn yourself that way so if you're still having trouble, give it a five minute blast (from cold) with a hair dryer to warm up the rubber - should make it a bit easier to take off and you won't scald yourself with the contents in the process.

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