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Dashboard Bulbs

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Hi all,

Pretty easy question, maybe?

Does anyone know what type bulbs are in a 2007 old shape mondeo dashboard, I have one that has blown in the temperature guage so I thought I might just swap them all for blue ones or something?


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It's a little 286 bulb that lights the LCD panel mate, one behind each of the two separate panels in the cluster. Think it's 504's then that light the rest of the display (the actual speedo, rev counter etc.).

They're just standard white/yellow bulbs, so the green backlight actually comes from a green filter on the display. If you were looking to change the colour you'd need to scrape the filter off, and on the LCD panel it's a tricky little process!

It's been advised in the past that if you're swapping one bulb you might be as handy to swap all of them out, to save having to remove the cluster again if another one goes in the near future. If you swap for blue bulbs, you'll end up with a kind of turquoise colour through the green filter.

Have you thought about changing the dials themselves to Lockwoods? You can get ones with a blue filter, but you'd still need to change the LCD panel filter then to match. If you Google Dash LCD Colour - How to Change you should find the perfect guide.

I changed my dials to white ones, but kept the green backlight colour as I didn't fancy the hassle of changing the LCD panel colours and then all the other interior switch backlighting to match! Here's my results...can't seem to find any night time pics of them lit up!


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the comprehensive reply!

I didn't realize that there would be so much to change around in there so I think I will change the dials to white ones like yours when I change the bulbs.

Lol...theres nothing wrong with the dash display but the colour and general aesthetic look of the display when the lights are on makes me hark back to a G reg escort van I owned back in the day, I cant believe ford have not changed the colour scheme!

Thanks again,


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