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Leak - Looks Like Water/power Steering Fluid?

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Hi all,

Can't get under the car to look properly as i'm on crutches at the moment. My 2.0 petrol has a smallish puddle under it (towards front of engine on drivers side) which seems to be a mix of water and redish fluid. I've had to top the power steering reservoir up but not coolant reservoir. Any ideas what this may be? It's in for MOT on Weds and would like to sort before if possible.

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probably would be an MOT failure, as its likely to affect the steering, now, and more specifically when it runs out of juice...

It could be just the cap needs replacing, or it could be a split in the pipe. Father in law had the issue on his focus, one of the pipes corroded through, cost him best part of £150 to resolve...

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Maybe not quite related but ive got a simular leak in roughly the same place. I managed to get under mine and have a look and mine is coming from the washer bottle pump itself. Got a new one waiting to go on when weather improves. The washer pipes seem ok but when I replace the pump im going to be putting cable ties on the pipes to keep them in place.

Just a suggestion as to what else it could be

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