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My Ford Mondeo Lx 04 Needs A New Wing


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hey guys so with the snow on the ground the other week i just set off at less than 10mph and i put my foot on the breaks and car started to slide and the breaks locked down and it car just carried on going forward i tried to put my foot on the break harder but the car didn't gain tracktion anyway i hit the back of someones parked car.

i had a look at the damage it did more damage at 5mph to my car than his all it did to his was a small crack which instead of going though insurance im paying for £190 so now ive also got to find a new front bumper and also a wing

a put a pic of the damage up but i am not sure how the wing comes off i know theres a few bolts in the lip rail but thats it


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hi there sorry bout your misshap,ok yes along the top rail by the bonnetif you open the door you see 2 more theres 1 at the bottom edge next to the sill.now its easier to drop the wing liner as there is 1 inside so if your looking at the front wheel head on with head under the wing in the sit dwn postion look to your left and you see 1 more.the next 2 you have to drop the corner of the front bumper there all 10m bolts i found it easier with long extension bar that has a slight wiggle in it as you got to get it around air-con drier unit.once the bumper has dropped you will see them at the front under edge of wing where the bumper was,ps i use to work in bodyshop for a car hire firm and done 1000s of these best thing remove wing liner 1st easier jack the o/s up give you more room.and its also got plastic screw inserts which can be pain to get out use philips to unscrew and flatblade just to slowly pressure out when undoing,and also couple plastic nuts to..regards pete

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