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My 1St Mondeo-Sticky Reverse Select.


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Hi everyone. I just bought a 2007 Mondeo tdci zetec,& forgot to try reversing in it a few times,when i test drove it. When I arrived home & tried to get reverse,it just wouldnt go in. I eventually managed to get it after double clutching,and a rev,but I cant believe this.It does it every now & then. My 1st gear seems ok'ish(It doesnt go in 100% easy,a bit of resistance but nothing that bad,so to speak).

Does anyone here with a bit of Ford know-how,know what could be causing this? Clutch?syncro?

the car has 115k on it,& has been looked after by external looks of it. I phoned the seller up to tell him,& eventually he said he was willing to go halfers to get it repaired,so might not be SO expensive after all.

I'd like to hear what you guys say 1st though. I think I remember someone saying that if 1st & reverse are poor then maybe time for new clutch. But theres so many horror stories online its hard to take a lot of them seriously. I phoned Charles Butler in Forfar (transmission specialist),& think I might have a run up tomorrow & see what he thinks.

Dying to know what you all think 1st though.Cheers

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It could be the clutch dragging due to the system needing bled or a worn CSC (concentric slave cylinder)

Alternatively the syncromesh could be worn in reverse

Clutch/ DMF etc replacement can be expensive on these cars

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yeah.Ive been told from mechanic that DMF,clutc & fitting for £600,so not too bad. Just dont want gearbox problems.had em on my last golf & hated it.At least the sellers willing to go halfs on repairs.

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