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Petrol Flap 2007 Old Shape Mondeo,wont Open???


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Hi all,

Pretty simple one really!

My petrol/diesel filler flap will not spring open when using the pull lever at the side of the driver seat and I have to manually jerk it open to fill up, I guess this is a common problem? ...any pointers etc?


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If you look carefully you should see a vertical cut in the side trim of the boot (about halfway between the fuel cap and the tail light) just large enough to slip a finger and operate the mechanism.

Or you can remove the side trim altogether (though you'll probably need to remove the tail light plastic cover to ease your job).

Apparently it's a common fault, remove the mech and grease then replace or use copious amounts of WD40 on it.

(Info pinched from TalkFord, but i have heard of this problem from the mechanics that maintain our work vehicles)

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hi i worked in bodyshop and endless strip downs on these easy accses remove rear light u can see the mech in behind ,the lock is a thin black spring loaded plunger if u pull it the flap will open it might be the end of plunger broke so its not opening.to remove it if you look inside flap on left,where plunger is you see 4 little tiny holes get a flat blade screwdriver in 1 of holes and knock it downwards,it will undo then side it out wards over filler kneck its lit 5 min job hope this helps

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Thanks chaps,

it seems the bit that retracts behind the flap is not quite going far enough when you pull the lever, I will do some science to it!

Thanks for the replies.

Take care,


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