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2013 Mk 7.5 (Facelift) Fiesta Zetec S Front Grill


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Can anyone out there get me a part number for the above please.


Now sourced.

The FULL guide can be viewed HERE

Front upper grille - 1778260 - £ 70:80
Front Lower grille - 1801358 - £ 79.95
O/S Fog Surround - 1777210 - £ 18.75
N/S Fog Surround - 1777211 - £ 18.75
Air Deflector - 1801362 - £40.00


Here's the fitting guide.....................

Fog Surrounds first :)

Quite an easy job here which will take you only a few minutes to complete.
First thing to do is remove the old surrounds, it's easier if you take the chrome piece off first and grab in the same area and pull (quite hard) until you can get your other hand under the edge to gentle pull it of.


That's the hardest bit done, you now should have something like this.



Give the exposed area a quick clean then get your nice new surround :)
Line up the tabs and the slots and push it home, you are now done :)


Front Grills and Aero Blade to follow ......................

Front Grille .........

Ok this one isn't as easy as expected and be prepared to get sore hands.

First thing to do is remove the chrome surround, this is very tricky and there's a high chance that you will break it. Once that's done you'll need to pull the Grille from the car, this too can break so be prepared.


Next you'll need to remove the gloss black surround from your new grille and place it somewhere safe. With the remaining part push it into the slots until you've gone all the way round. After you've done that place the black surround into the grill and again make sure it's clipped into place.

You should now have very sore hands but be admiring your hard work.


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So guys and gals I've just a message back and its not good news.

I need a reg number of a Zetec S so that they can look the part number up and wondered if anyone would be willing to PM there's.

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I'm getting the titanium with the full dress up kit but it seems the front grilles are different. Not to sure what I would need to make it look like the front of a zetec s. There doesn't seem to be much info on this online. Any help would be appreciated .

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Well asked 2 dealers and and on line source but still no help tracking down the part number or price :(

Any ford people out there that can help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :)

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They're just being lazy! It is possible to look it up without! I swear I know how to use Ford's systems better than Ford... :wacko:

Don't worry, my dealer actually rings me for advice on what can be fitted on cars.

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