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Mondeo Re Map


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You put in the title remap, but you say getting it chipped, which are you wanting to do?

What are you wanting to do it for, more power, better economy, other?

are you intending to do any other mods such as decat, larger I/C, egr blank etc?

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Thanks for your reply.

Is getting it chipped different to a re map? I'm fairly clueless with cars Tbh.

I'm hoping for an increase in power and to improve economy, if that's possible?

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i recommend remap rather than chip. a large percentage of chips just fool the ecu into just squirting more fuel into the engine where a remap sorts the whole engine system out so it achieves better performance all round.

Id recommend you do more research before going down that route so you know what it all means before spending any money, im not saying your thick in anyway, but its better to know what the alterations actualy do so you know if youll benefit,also maybe consider other modifications before you go down that route too. If you get it remapped then adding mods afterwards will defeat the object of the remap as it was set up for the parts you had in originaly.

the chips (ones that are good) and remaps are taken one of two ways, either power or mpg, although an increase in power can mean better consumption too as the engine doesnt have to struggle as much to reach set speeds or negotiate hills.

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