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Reconnecting Vent Selector Bowden Cable


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I just got a used 2010 Fiesta, and found the vent selector was not working.

I have pulled the plastic panels around the shifter and the climate controls off. Then I unscrewed the climate controls unit from the dash. The unit is not coming out of the dash more then a couple centimeters as the bowden cables for the heating and vents are still attached and are
very short.

With the limited view I can get behind the unit, I saw the sheath for the bowden cable for the vent selector has come free. At the end of the sheath, there appears to be a white plastic connector to snap it into the climate control unit.

I can just get my fingers back there with the glove box removed, but I cannot see enough to get it realigned and clipped back in (I am hoping it is not actually broken).

I am hoping somebody here knows how the cables are supposed to be attached? And, what is the best way to get access to the back side of the climate control unit?


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Yes, It is a green springy cable, like a bicycle brake cable. The knob end that is attached to the inner cable is installed, but i cannot figure out how to get the plastic goodie at the end of the sheath to clip into the unit.

Here is a pic I found online of the back of the unit:


The cable is still attached at "1" but has come loose at "2".

I can't see the bowden cable to see how it fits into the unit either.

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No, mine is green and (not that I can see much) but I think it is quite a bit longer than that one. There is a second cable going to the heater control valve (mine is red). I think that is what you found on eBay.

I will see if I can get my camera back there for some pics, but I am on crutches with a sprained foot right now. =P

Thanks for the help.

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Hi there is this for a fully climate control panel with buttons, or the dial you turn? It turns out no matter what button I press the vents at body level are on full, the feet vents and windscreen vents won't come on... I'm thinking I have a similar issue?

Otherwise, does anybody have any other ideas?

Cheers in advance.

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