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Wheel Trim Referb


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Hi All!

I have new alloys on my car now but i have decided i will refurbish my old ones to sell on. I went out and bought some paints etc to referb it. Here is the wheel with just the plastic primer on it


I have metallic silver paint, black paint and blue paint that is a similar colour to the blue on the ford logo.

Now i have a few ideas:

All involve painting the rest of the wheel matallic silver.

1) Just paint the logo blue and make the grooves making the ford logo silver

2) Do the same as 1) but also paint inside the circle blue

3) Do the same as 1) but paint the 6 rectanges next to the holes black

4) Paint the grooves that make up the word ford blue with/without the black

Any other ideas are welcome =)

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I'd be tempted to run the steel rims without caps if they are black...

For those trims, if you have time to spend, or potentially waste - there'd be no harm in trying... Spray the circular background bit mat black, the rest high power silver (IF you are good with a can), and dont try and colour in the ford badge at all.

This was my first car, fitted some mock alloy hub caps to it Click Me They looked real from a distance.

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From a distance with my eyes closed? :rolleyes:

yeah yeah (about 20 ft lol) Rover%204.jpg whatever, a young lad has to start somewhere...

Oh, and in 1998 the average 17" wheel and tyre package was about £899 and 17's were far less the norm...

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