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Air filter on a mk5


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hi matt, realy you could fit it however you want, if its a k&n with all the brackets and stuff, search for the kit for the car on the website, this usually gives you a pic, if not i could probably find one ive done.

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alright mate i aint got a guide or anything... i got same car meself and i knew this guy that put one on a fezzy 1.25 mk4 and it made the car slower because he had heat soak,it needs a cold air feed really dont think you will gain much horsepower probally about 2 or 3 with cold air feed they do sound good though you might have to adjust the air flow coming in too i had a induction kit on my old 306 dturbo sounded good but it needs cold air feed or you will get heat soak hope this helps you can decat it too might help exhaust etc

hi again,

my mate has a mk5 1.25 fiesta

he wants me to fit a K+N filter that i had lying about.

how have you guys done this? is there a guide, even a picture would be great.



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