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bolt on induction kits

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it depends, areyou just looking to just give it that induction roar? or are you looking to gain performance from it?

if you are looking to gain performance then look for one of the bigger makes like K&N, you can usually pick one up from halfrauds for about a hundred quid, dont buy the 'ripspeed' ones, they just let in loads of dust due top the larger holes in the mesh.

i would then go and find some decent plugs and leads to optimise the extra fuel you will take in due to the free flowing air filter.

then you need to look at getting a decent exhaust system to let the exhaust gas out quicker. i would suggest going to a decent custom exhaust centre and getting a stainless exhaust made up.

after that look at getting it on a rolling road and get the ECU re-mapped otherwise its pretty pointless.

if you only want the sound then dont worry about the exhaust or a remap etc

i just went to my shed of bits and took one off of my old V8 range rover induction sytem! :D

oh, tey to find the coolest part of your engine bay, or get a ram air pipe to feed cold air onto the filter, more power and it will help the combustion.

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hey dude you seam to know what your talking about . when you say re maping my ecu ? im new to all this stuff so why is it you would need to do all this as this is what im thinking about doin to my car ......

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Car Tuning, Performance Tuning, Chip Tuning and Remapping all refer to the same thing.

Chip tuning and remapping are simply different terms given to the processes involved during the reprogramming engine management software, stored on a chip or processor in the vehicles ECU.

Whilst chip tuning and remapping are in effect the same thing, the same cannot be said for all tuners.

The process of fine tuning the engine management software is a complicated procedure, with varying results.

You could be presented with two software versions for your vehicle, each one will allow the car to start but that is where the similarity would end.

The parameters that are edited during the remapping process are crucial to the performance and more importantly the mechanical safety of the host vehicle.

Choosing a good tuner is like choosing a good doctor

To your vehicle a good tuner is as vital as a good doctor would be to you.

Afterall you wouldn't knowingly use a doctor who had bought a cheap medical kit off the internet, and allow him to inject you with an unknown drug would you?

If you select your tuner with the same level of caution as you would select a doctor, both you and your car will be happy with the results.

If you don't you could end up in intensive care.

*taken from here as i dont have time, got to go to hospital. have used these guys ( http://www.rapidremap.co.uk/#/poweroptimiser/4532452213 ) for my cupra R and the change was immense!

you can get a re-map with out doing anything to your engine, but if you plan to do engine mods, wait until you have done the above, get the car on a rolling road and then get the ECU tuned to the dyno test. all re-maps are different. go for a custom one not a generic one-for-all kind of chip. AND DON"T BUY FROM E-BAY!!!!

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thanks for the advice mate , i will take that all in to account when it comes to it i think. for now im just guna lower it and put a k&n on for now when it comes to the engine mods il think really carefully about it . thanks again for all that info. home to see you at the meet im may

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