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Clutch Overheating?

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Hi, I recently had a strange episode with my Mondeo. I was stuck in traffic for about an hour with constant start stops. As I got out of the traffic onto an open road, I noticed my clutch slipping. I struggled to get any speed. After few minutes of taking it easy it seems for have sorted it self out.

Actually, the same thing happened twice. Both times after long queues on very hot days (air con on all the time). And both times it "fixed" it self. Is my clutch toast?

I drive a manual MK3 TDCI 130hp, 120k miles on the clock (30k with me) and probably on the original clutch. It's serviced regularly by a dealer.

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I'd say yes,the end is probably nigh for your clutch.

outside chance you maybe have a fluid contaminating the clutch disc/plate

Only way you'll know is your clutch will slip more often,& not on hot days(most days),til you get to the point where it willl slip more than not-slip then definitely new clutch time.

If its on its original clutch,it'll probably be on its original DMF,so by the time you change the clutch,you'll probably have to change flywheel as well,along with slave cylinder,& crank sensor.It wont be a cheap jobby thats for sure(depending on who you know)

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I'd say that the possibility is that you have, eg, an oil seal that is weeping a little bit, and, once a little oil builds up on your clutch, it slips until enough oil goes away.

So, on the one hand, your clutch probably isn't 'worn out' as there may be enough friction material left for quite some time. On the other hand, it might as well be worn out, because you'll have to take everything to pieces to cure the oil leak, and it would probably be foolish not to replace the clutch assembly 'while you are there'. Not cheap, but you shouldn't have to worry about the DMF for a while, not that that will be much consolation...

Do get an opinion from a mechanic (who you trust) who actually has the chance to look at the car, and drive it, if necessary. Sometimes there is a tell-tale drain hole, and you can see if there is oil/hydraulic fluid around the drain, which would tend to confirm the diagnosis.

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Thanks a lot for the replies. I hoped it'd be a leak of sorts. But if the whole thing needs taking apart to find out, then it makes little difference. A friend knows a guy ;). I'll get him to have a look at it.

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I doubt that you have any leaks causing this problem. The most likely cause is that the master cylinder is not returning quite fully and builds up pressure when used continually in traffic. Aside from that, 120k is a decent mileage on one clutch and you should be prepared for an imminent clutch (and DMF) change.

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