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Ford Mondeo Drivers Door


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Hi guys,

My car does not lock when I push the central locking button. It will try to lock but then it cannot. If I lock the drivers door manualt with the key all doors lock. If I unlock it with the central locking all the doors unlock except drivers. And if I lock the drivers door from inside and try to push central locking all doors lock.

I'm guessing it has something to do with the drivers door??

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Sounds like it could be the locking solanoid / actuator isnt kicking in. You will probably need to remove the door card, and have a look at the system, its probably seized so a dose of WD40 or oil should help to release it

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NOT WD40!!!!!!!!! Unless you want to be replacing your entire C/L module in six months - it's a penetrant and will destroy soldered joints. You should not use it anywhere near electrical circuits. Ever.

Get some proper electrical contact/switch cleaner.

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