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Ford Loyalty MK3

Mondeo Issures With Videos And Brief Description

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Heres the link that I've put On the modeo seaction, hopefully the video will give a better insight on whats going on.http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/50601-mondeo-mk3-20l-tdci-engine/page-2

If you can help that would be brilliant, I'm not the qutting type i will fix it, but if its going to cost stupid money, then I'll have to invest in a other Ford.

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Have you tried the powertrain control module seing that this control unit sends signals to the glow plugs to heat when cold and its timed to how long its stayed on when cold iluminating the glow plug light and turning it off.obv other sensors then send a signal to it when warmer thus not needing it when at warmer temps.the unit is by the bottom drivers screen under the bonnet almost where the bonnet hinge is sited hope this helps

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I think I've might found the cause, I've noticed one of my fuel injector elterical connections is broken and losse, When I wiggle it, the engine runs better and knocking sound is gone.

How much are these connections cost. ? Its underneath the nut of the injector, its held with 2 spring clips either side.

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Ebay about 40 quid for loom. but if your local scrappy has 1 might be cheaper or cut socket off a solder in new part :rolleyes:

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After searching and paying for things, I think the mondeo is a lost cause, I've got injector problems which needs a new wiring loom, plus my chain tensioner is getting worse again more cost. :(

Its great for fuel economy and comfort, now its causing nothing but stress and a big hole in my pocket. :cry:

Sometimes its not worth the hassle. I really enjoy this motor I really do, Its taken pretty much everywhere around the UK for sercurity work, But the fear of conking out and getting recovery to pick it up, you know its not cheap, unless your insurance covers it.

Plus the tax and MOT is due very soon, In its present state it would not pass, I've bought brakes discs and pads all round, next day yup you guessed it, Mondeo has cold starting issures. Plus tyres are below legal limit so I need to get a set of them too. Its costing to much too keep going. :cry:

I'm not a quitter but sometimes you've to do what your current burget allows it, Right now after looking at prices for things I need I've gone over. :(

I payed 500 quid for the car and its been serviced 3 times, I service my car every 2months regardless of millage, I can't help it I enjoy working on cars and maintaing them.

Its making me angry thinking about scraping it, Its my 2nd favourite car out of the 6 cars I've owned. :cry:

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