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Strange Noise After Timing Belt Change


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Hey guys I had my timing belt finally changed after 127k apparently it was the original belt still on there :(

But when I started up to drive back home I noticed a strange whirring type noise on start up, thought nothing of it at the time as I thought maybe it needs time to wear in etc.

Its been 2 weeks now and I've still got this noise, maybe im being paranoid?..

He also changed the aux belt while he was there, maybe something to do with that?

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did he change the kit or just the belt as it needs to have the tensioners and the tensioner bolts replaced if not then ide take it back as the tensioner will fail taking out the belt and damaging the engine

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its difficult to know what type of whirring noise but since its happened since the belts were done you can assume that its just the new belts but to be sure just pop the car back into them if its nothing then no harm done

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