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Focus Tdci Wont Start


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Hi im new ,

and im baffled i bought the car just a week ago and every morning my car wont start , first the garage i bought the car off gave me a new battery but in the morning it still would not start , i have to have a jump start , as soon as i have the jump start in the morning or afternoon (whatever time i go out) im able to knock it off and it will start up all day but the next morning same thing happened ,

someone said something must be draining the battery , but i noticed when i try to start the car the light that looks like a sqwiggle (orange) was told it was the "glow plugs lights"

i dont want to take it back to the garage i had it from cos they will end up taking it from another car and id rather fix it properly

do you think it could be the glow plugs and if so is there anyway i can get it to start without being jump started for me to be able to go garage hunting to find a garage to fix it , i pray they dont take advantage that cos im a woman its easy money for them when money is tight for me

thanks in advance


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How long does the glow plug light stay on before it switches off?

If it's a very short (less than a second) or very long (more than 10 seconds) period then I'd say get thge glow plugs and relay checked.

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