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Timing belts


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Hi Everybody ^_^

Just a quick one,

My Jam Jar is due a new timing belt.

Has anybody here ever had theirs replaced? How much did it set you back? or can anybody give a rough estimate ?

I'm currently waiting to here back from a useful contact but he's gone on holiday and won't be back for some time and I'm itching to know so I can sort my finances out.

Totally understand that this is a ''How long is a peice of string'' question but I have no idea whether these things set you back 50 or 500 quid.

It's a Fiesta Zetec MK6 TDCi

Your feedback would be most appreciated

Cheers ! :)

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Anyone ? :(

I found a quote for £260:


The actual belt costs a few tenners (look on ebay) but they take 2-3 hours to fit (all day for a diy mechanic). I know that different cars have very different belt fitting times and that different Fiesta models have very different engines.


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