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Wind Whistle At Speed.


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I've noticed recently a wind whistle from the front of my car. It's coming from the left hand side, but seems to be more ahead than coming from the passenger door or window. Not sure if it's only just started doing it, or if I've only recently noticed it (not had the blower on so much recently now it's warming up), and it doesn't do it all the time (suggests wind has something to do with it). Is it a common thing, and is their anything I should look out for as a cause? I've tried the wipers when it's doing it and it's had no effect so it's not them. Also tried lowering and raising all windows. Car is a Mk2.5

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I think it's more than likely a "Focusism". My car also does it - I think it's at least partly due to the small plastic fascia panel by the wing mirror.

I found it quietened down somewhat when I had new tyres fitted (can't remember what it had, but it's now running on Avon ZZ3'S)

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