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Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci 56 Plate (Alternater?)


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i went out to my car this morning. My car started first time but then my battery and abs light stayed on and i had a error message for my power assist steering. i therefore turned the engine off left it a minute then tried to restart it. it wouldnt start the first time so left it again then it started but i still had the same error message and warning lights on. i also noticed the steering was very heavy. i set off for the short drive to work and also noticed my speedo wasnt working. When i got to work i left the car for about 1 hour then tried turning it over but the battery was dead i just kept getting a clicking noise.

i am thinking it could be my alternator because not enough power was being generated from it so the car has over compensated on my battery but i could be wrong.

i would appreciate any advice anyone could give me.

many thanks


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have a free test done at a garage it may be the battery is simply old and passed it it may have faulty cells dont always assume its the alternator as usually it isnt anything to do with that if the battery is passed it even a good alternator wont charge it as the battery will not accept or hold a charge there should be no reason why the speedo didnt work though battery faults can thrrow up some odd symptoms

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