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Eibach Springs


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Hi folks,

Now that my Mk2 Focus 1.8 tdci is rolling on 17s, I'm looking to get rid off the 4x4 stance.

I know from experience that lowering springs on their own can do more harm than good, but I was looking to go down the Eibach route.

My mechanic who used to be a Ford employee and specialises also in 4 wheel laser alignment, has recommended the Eibach kit that lowers the car about 30mm. He has told me that it keeps the car suspension within Ford's suggested tolerances. And it would appear Ford distribute the kits which presumably means they rate the springs.

Has anyone had first hand experience of using these springs with standard shocks? Is it worse than the OEM setup?



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i removed mine to be honest the zetec suspension isnt the softest as it is the eibachs made it worse and it was too low for some speed humps round my way depending on the mileage if youre having the springs done youre as well replacing the standard shocks as well as they are usually well used but yes ford do recommend them and fit them as well sometimes cheaper than Eibach themselves

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