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Door Seals


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How easy are the seals around the doors to replace, and where would I get them? I've noticed quite a bit of noise from around the rear of the drivers side door recently. I think it's from the front of the back door. The rubber on the door itself seems in particularly bad condition. No sign of any leaks, just noise.

Also, is their some design issue with the Focus that makes the back end get dirty easily? I've driven various other cars before, from pretty flat backed hatchbacks to ones with more saloon shapes and it's never been so bad. My car does have mudguards, but it's like the dirt passes under the car and then gets sucked up behind onto the back.

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Are you referring to the rubber seals in the doorframe to stop water etc getting in.

If so eBay is a great place to start.




As for dirt, thats pollution, rain, grit on the roads for example. My car is in a garage most of the time, so the dirt is less than if it were out of the road in the elements. Could just be the area your in.

P.S your avatar is very lego movie disturbing :D


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its not the area the focus does seem to suck the rubbish out the back and all over the rear of the car ie boot and windows why.... the bumpers arent low enough on the rear to stop it and the curve underneath dictates air will flow under and up

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