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Forscan Dgas_Valve Faulty!


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Hello, i have an issue, Forscan is reporting me somthing i'm not sure its normal or not.

Here we can see:

On the lat but one line, you can see "Dgas_val" is written "Faulty"


Can you tell me please if there is a Coolant Degas Shut off Valve in my car?

ForScan author told me if there is no valve in my car its normal that it reports faulty, but he said normally my car should have this valve. Thats why im confused.

Then if i have a valve and its faulty, then why i have DTC on the board and with ForScan?
My car is:

Ford Focus TDCI 2.0 2007 MK2.

Some information about this Coolant degas shut off valve:

Look here (at very bottom of the page).


Thank you for your input.

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