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Hi all

This morning I picked up a 2012 focus titanium x 1.6 tdci with 9000 miles on the clock and I am really impressed with it.

I was very sorry to see my 2009 zetec s fiesta go but the new car is a much more relaxed place to be it's very smooth and rides beautifully.

I have noticed however that the stop start don't work. I didn't pick this up on the test drive stupidly.

Any ideas why it don't work. I've read the book and it says there are circumstances when it won't work but I don't think any of them applied on my journey home today.

Anyway overall really pleased with the car

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have


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Hi and welcome to the Focus club.

Stop start won't function if battery is too low, A/C is on, power draw too high (e.g. demisters), during DPF regen, too cold, too hot, etc.

It can be quite fussy :)

Be sure to post up some pics, what colour did you get? Nice to see another Tit X Focus owner, is yours pre or post Sync?

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Mine is moondust silver. First silver car I have owned. Don't really like silver normally but it's a very nice colour and the car was a good price so I jumped at it.

I may sound daft saying this but sync??? I'm not sure what sync is.

I'm still finding out about all the toys the biggest luxury on my old car was a aux plug!!!

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Ford Sync, adds the ability to read your text messages etc. A lot of people have had problems with it, so I'm glad I don't have it, although I would hope they have started to iron out the kinks with software updates now.

When was yours built?

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Turns out mine was built on the 5th April 2012, which must be fate or something because the 5th of April is my birthday.

I don't think that mine does that either. What sort of problems is it causing???

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That is before Sync, mine was built end of May 2012 and I don't have it.

It was just buggy software, crashed a lot. Heard lots of problems, so was glad when I didn't have it. Also means we get full steering wheel controls, on the newer Focuses they have replaced one of "d-pad" which I use lots to scroll through the music on my USB with the skip and vol controls, and got rid of one of the lower controls. Hard to explain, but you would see what I mean if you see a pic of a 2013/2014 Focus steering wheel.

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