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Headlight Bulb Change, Easy On A Mk2


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Hi guys.

after reading up on how hard it is to change a headlight bulb on my mk 2 Focus, I decided to give it a go this weekend as the car has its annual test next week and one headlight bulb has gone.

It took me 5 minutes to change both bulbs, which really suprised me as I put aside a couple of hours to do the task.

Opened the bonnet, undone the big retaining screw on the top of the light assy, put my hand down the rear outer part of the light and pushed the plastic clip down, then pulled the unit forward and lifted the outer edge so I could move the light outwards to clear the inner part of the light which sits slightly behind the grill.

Unclipped the plastic cover, replaced the bulb, put the cover back on, slotted the unit back in, inner part first, a gentle push in and the clips clicked back into place, screw refitted, job done.

Can easily be done at the roadside if required.

Fitted standard Osram H7 bulbs which seem much brighter and a whiter light than the GE ones previously fitted.


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The job does look like a faff at first but, like you say, once you get stuck in it's pretty straightforward.

Better than fiddling around trying to push a bulb into an unseen hole praying you don't drop the little ba - I mean - blighter ;)

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