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1.0 Or 1.6 Litre?


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Looking to change car to ford focus and not sure which to go for.

Budget is £12k and would like car under 1 year old with good MPG.

Any advise most appreciated to include maintenance costs.

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I've got the 1.0 L (123 bhp) in my Fiesta and its a great engine. Good MPG, great noise and £0 road tax.

There are some doom and gloom merchants on here who will tell you that all these little engines will all blow up , I just hope i replace it before that happens. ;)

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Just remember that the 1L is about 2secs slower in a Focus.

It really depends what sort of economy and performance you are looking for. If I were you I'd test drive both engines.

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the issue with the 1.0 is its untested in that no one knows the longevity of the engine as its small high revving and has a turbo , any issues were the fact owners werent letting the turbo cool adequately before switching it off after a long run the 1.6 is well tested and on the whole reliable as its a bigger but still high revving engine its technically under less stress the 1.0 has issues though so thats worth bearing in mind since most say no they dont heres an idea of the issues so far

July 18th my car engine wont turn over, I called out RAC, when they
arrived they checked battery and starter motor, all ok. There was no
water in my expansion bottle and told me my engine was jammed with
water, they towed it off to main dealer. It took them 2 weeks just to
look at my car, they told me they could find any fault and were sending
if off to an engine specialist, after a couple of days they told me Ford
had authorised a new engine. My old engine was only 11 months old with
10,000 miles on the clock, and never been raced, has anybody heard of
similar problems with this engine ? Also they have said they can't do
anything about my USB problem as it didn't occur while there. How do I
stand on this, as I know there is a fault ?

fuel economy is nowhere near fords stated many say 36mpg to low 40s which isnt as expected

miss the 100bhp and get the 125bhp as the 100bhp is flat

I bought a new car Ford Focus 1.0 ecoboost, And to this day that
vehicle was transported to the warranty repair 7 times for same
error/issues In total vehicle has been in service for more than 55 days.

you want your 1.0-litre Ford EcoBoost to go like a 1.6, then you won’t get the efficiency.

And if you want to avoid petrol stations then you’ll have to drive like
St Slowcoach, the Patron Saint of oil Reserves. And even then you’ll
find yourself struggling to get anywhere near Ford’s claimed average
figure of 56mpg.

simply put you want good mpg you wont get all that much more thena the .6 on this car yes some will say you can but the fact is real world mpg figures show you dont so the choice is youres both have merits and downfalls the 1.6mpg will be slightly lower than the 1.0 but if its motorway driving mainly then the 1.6 would be my choice for a bit of mixed the 1.0 is the better option

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If i was doing alot of motorway driving i would not of chosen the 1.0. As it is i do mostly around town, seems perfect for that. I dont believe any manufactures MPG figures, all done in test labs and not real world, but, my car has only done 900 miles and its already better than the 1.2 fiat engine i drove before, and i dont drive my car slowly.

I must admit i thought it seems crazy they are putting this engine in anything bigger than a fiesta, let alone the mondeo its meant to be going in.

Sounds like you had some bad luck, but hopefully that isnt going to be the norm for this engine. Otherwise Ford will be in trouble.

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From what i know most troubles have been turbo related however i myself look at it this way if you only keep cars 3 years then it wont matter much but i like to buy a car then keep it for a good many years so for me the reliabilty and robustness of the engine is in doubt and since no one tells you the ti vct cam needs replaced at 60-70k which isnt cheap as it requires the cam and oil timing belt and tensioners to be done as well its a £700 expense.i believe they upgraded the ti vct cam but only since this engine came out so theres no way of knowing yer if it worked ford claim they can make this engine up to 177bhp using a bi turbo system and exoect to put it in there hot hatches soon so ford are intent on pushing the 1.0 litre units out there

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