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Rim And Tire Question (Noobie)


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I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure 55 profile and 16inch alloy would throw out your speedo too much. It is recommended you never go over 4%difference from memory

I went from 195/50/15 to 195/45/16 which was a 2% difference and if I then swapped the 195/45/16 to a 195/50/16 it would be an additional 4% which will end up with a 6% difference and speeding ticket

Plus isn't 185 narrow for a fiesta?

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You won't be making the wheels look bigger. Just putting a narrower tyre on with a higher profile. I'd think it wouldn't even feel right with those on to be honest.

Your best bet is to keep an eye on eBay and buy street pack 17" alloys with tyres. Cost wise there won't be much in it either. Looks wise it's much better also and the ride on the 17s aren't very harsh.

Or even go aftermarket 17" package with tyres.

Just my 2p mate.

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