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30Bhp Chip Mk7 1.6 Really??


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If you want an engine mod I'd go for a proper ecu remap as hundredsof parameters are changed to your car, not just the level of fuelling given at one time.

For that reason if you're gonna go down the route of modding your car for performance I'd highly recommend a custom remap or a unit such as a bluefin....

Although more costly than the mod you're looking at (10x more) if you have the cash to spend I couldn't think of a better place for it!

Personally, I opted for a bluefin as you can change the map on your engine, put the superchips map on/off as you please (it also doubles up as a fault code reader!) reported gains of around 30bhp and 40f/p torque on my 1.6 tdci and doesn't affect any other internal components of the vehicle itself. Well worth the money IMO!

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If you want a box, pay £350 - 400 for one. They're much better devices with a bunch of perimeters programmed in them. Still a variable resistor, but uses way more calculations than just a simple voltage chart.

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I have a 1.6 petrol the most gain I can find is 13 bhp and one company said I could get a remap to 137 which seems alot for what it is.

I don't know whether to get everything done separate or do a mountune upgrade

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Do not get this! It'll make no difference, I think the proper tuning boxes make a slight difference to BHP but no we're near 30 brake but just tricks the maf sensor that it's getting more mpg than it actually is by over fuelling the engine. Although it's a lot more your better just getting a remap. Probably best with bluefin

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