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Facelifted Rear End - 56K Warning ;)


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Evening all!

I am in the process of facelifting the rear end of my MK2 Focus.



New bumper on!


Standard rear lights with CREE reverse and 24 LED Number Plate LEDs.


LED rear lights from ST - Spliced to original loom.









Now need to locate a boot and spoiler!

Thanks for looking :)

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Strangely enough, the bumper swap is my next project.

Any tips/tricks or problems to overcome during the swap?

I am aware it's wheel arch liners detached, two bolts in the arch then two bolts top and underside of the bumper bud did you find any unexpected fasteners that held you up?

I just need to get mt bumper touched up, Chinese ZS style insert attached and reverse sensor holes drilled then full steam ahead (all other parts ready to go including fog/reverse wires).

Were you going for a standard facelift spoiler or thinking of the ZS/ST type?

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The bolts through the liners are very easy to damage because of all the plastic, I found it needed a bit of a wiggle to free it, once the arch nuts are off, pull the bumper out away from the arch as the bolts are attached to the bumper. When fitting the replacement just take it slow. Line everything up, there is a metal 'lip' that runs along the rear that slides in the groove on the bumper, assistance to fit it is worth having, just to keep it straight etc.

The bumper came covered in little scratches, so was a full re-spray job.

I am still tempted with the Chinese ZS style splitter, followed by two exhaust tips either side. - One thing to note the OEM ZS bumper with splitter appears to have a slightly bulkier appearance with a lip around the bumper/splitter join.

Yeah will find a MK2.5 ST spoiler!

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I went for the Chinese ZS splitter as the OEM one like you say has the sifes that cup the bumper.

As I'm not planning side skirts (yet ;)) I thought the bumper would look too bulky and ruin the lines of the body.

The Chinese insert adds definition but not at the cost of aesthetics.

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I was going to get a two-tone black/grey or a matte black one one but the listings ended leaving just a carbon fibre or grey one.

I thought the carbon fibre one may have looked a bit odd so plumped for the grey one.

If it looks too bland on arrival then I would be able to get it sprayed to two-tone easier as well.

It has 3M tape and some screws for fitting but I'm reckoning that an application of Tigerseal will be a good idea to avoid the ends curling or springing.

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