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Mp140 Or Separate Upgrades???????


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Should I get the Mp140 upgrade or do all the upgrades separately eg miltec exhaust remap induction kit ect??????

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MP140- you'll have a warranty all in one place if any goes wrong, it's a well known brand- and also Mountune work along side Ford as it is? What else more could you want from that? Easy decision in my opinion :)

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Cost-wise, is the MP140 upgrade not a lot more expensive than getting the parts/ remap etc elsewhere?

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Yes. But they are designed to work in harmony so will produce slightly more power than going down another route.

You could go: (these are new prices, they always come up second hand)

Miltek/mountune cat back, with a view to replacing manifold and adding sports cat later - approx. £350

J1 cai - £200

Bluefin/remap - £225 upwards

I stayed away from the 140 as is very expensive for the gains. I'd rather have circa 10-13 bhp extra for cheaper,then spend the rest on other stuff.

But as mentioned, if the car is in warranty then the Mountune makes sense as it's ford approved and won't invalidate it. Mountune also have their own code for insurance with the mp140, but not the MR155.

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The 140PS performance upgrade, for Zetec-S and Titanium 1.6-litre models, consists of a :

high-flow air induction system,

a high performance mountune exhaust system

Rear bumper diffuser

high-flow catalyst and tubular manifold, (don't forget the manifold)

and re-calibration of Fords 1.6-litre Ti-VCT Sigma engine to produce 140PS at 6750rpm and 170NM at 4250rpm.

A big difference when you drive it after, the fact that it was ford approved and I had talked about this kit with all my local ford mechanics and service department made it very easy for me to decide

I spent £1400 on all this at my ford dealer ... Expensive , but it changed it into a totally new car

the rev happy zetecs loves it and the sound that comes out of the car is truly beautiful ,it's the prefect driving experience for me :) have beaten many a standard fiesta ST150 with this off the lights ... :)

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Diffuser and hi flow air induction system?

On the mountune site they don't list the diffuser as part of the MP140 kit, and the filter is just a k&n panel filter.

I take it yours was different?

The *re-callibration* is just a map, in different terms, but has had alot of r&d gone into it with all the kit in mind.

I'm certainly not knocking this kit. I'd like to have a go in one, and also an MR155. The good thing about going Mountune is that you can go up in stages and get discount off.

One thing is clear though, 2 secs quicker 0-60 would deffo be nice!

Where in Essex are you?

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I'm in Colchester - Ipswich town in 15 min from here :) where u at in Suffolk sheriff ?

I think the technical name for the K&N panel filter is a high flow air induction system .. ? It's the same thing though for sure :) had mine done 3 years ago , planning on keeping my car for a good few years yet... only done 13,300 miles now in 4 years so I can't really say if if messes up the car

Then for the 155, If u already 140 its

Replacement hego sensor(s) Dual-feed airbox Mountune-profile camshafts Revised engine calibration


Happy days

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I keep on putting off my trip to mountune HQ ... I may call them soon and say hello :)

Ford keep sending me these ...

Last time I went down to one of these so called VIP days there was no food or drink just two guys in so I left :)


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Coffee Is only and option if you order one I think ? Lol

We should deffos have a meet with our cars soon , I've been to Sudbury and bury st Edmonds before on a Sunday drive ,would be cool to meet up with other fiesta owners for sure :) during the day also so we can see each others cars ... Going to these night cruises is a bit pointless , I went to a big ford meet in Southend on sea once at night and could hardly see anything

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