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Fiesta Changes, 13 Plate To 14 Plate


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I've had my new 14 plate Ecoboost 100PS Fiesta Zetec for a week now and it's interesting to see the changes from last year's model.

The front seats are more comfortable, the obvious 'bar' across the back of the seat squab has been softened.

There's a rubber coin-holder that doubles up as a better cup holder.

The engine is a lot smoother in higher gears. Last years car always sounded as if the car wanted me to change down if the revs were below 2000 rpm, but this one will pull comfortably and quietly from 1500.

The headlights are better. Before if the dip was set at the right height using the IP control wheel the main beams were too high. Now that's much improved.

The Sync voice is better, she doesn't take so long to connect up a phone call because she now misses out the question, 'Call John Smith on mobile, is that correct?'

The boot light is still utterly feeble and I need to get a powerful LED to replace that.

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So this is still comparing the facelifted version with another is that correct?

Quite interesting to know, small changes that arent really mentioned in the brochure

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Just ordered mine the weekend went for the titanium x in panther black 1.0 eco 100 cant I cant wait eta end of may test drove zetec version well impressed compared to my zetec 1.6 focus 53plate lol

Will hear Wednesday what the verdict 7s as they orded one and trying to locate one from another dealer :-)

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Yes Chris, the 13 and 14 plate Fiestas appear completely identical inside and out. As I say, the differences are all under the skin, running changes to make a good car even better. I see no cost-savers at work either - it's just as quiet for instance. I'll watch the overall mpg, but so far that appears slightly better, due no doubt to the engine's ability to pull cleanly without turbo assist from lower revs. I wonder if the variable valve timing cams have been tweeked?

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