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Intermittent Brake Problem


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Hi guys

I have a 2001 1.6 mk1 ford focus with around 80k millage.

I have had two of the same issues over the last 8 days. Driving along and I've noticed had no power not much happens when accelerating. I smelt burning so got out and both front wheels where extremely hot and there was steam coming from the passenger brake disc area.

I let it cool down and drove on, there was no more issue. Drove the care for another few days without any problems and its happened again.

Thats twice in 8 days which isn't correct.

My thoughts is its either sticky calliper or collapsed brake line.

How do i fault find to see which one it is.?

Also on another note discs and brakes where changed 6 months ago. MOT said the hoses would need replacing in the future. But don't want to replace the hoses if the callipers need sorting and don't want to replace hoses if its just the callipers.


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Youll need to replace the disks and pads now as the heat will have warped the disks and worn the. Pads sounds like sticky caliper slides so really a complete overhaul disks pads hoses and the calipers stripped cleaned and greased

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