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Drivers Seat Jammed?


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My drivers seat has started playing up. I can't get it to go any further back than about 3/4 way back. Seems the rail closest the door is stuck as it feels like it's twisting a it if I try and force it, as if the rail closest the gear lever is still free.

Anyone else had this? Think I just need to take it into Ford again. I bet they say something along the lines of they don't cover seats in their warranty lol.

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whether you take this as advice, or a witty anecdote is entirely at your discretion.

Stupid question, have you checked that nothing's got stuck in the rail?

My former father in law (who to be honest, was not the sharpest tool in the shed), once took his Volvo 440 in with the same problem. Turned out that the rail had jammed, caused by a tin of tuna which had at some point fallen out of a shopping bag and become lodged in the mechanism.

On another occasion, he took the same car in to diagnose a 'grinding' noise when braking and accelerating. The garage could find nothing wrong with the wheels/brakes, and took the car out for a test drive. They quickly diagnosed that the noise was being caused by a rogue mint imperial, rolling backwards and forwards in the passenger side door pocket.

(and I swear, this is all 100% true).

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