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2009 Mk 2.5 2.0 Tdci Write Off Due To Engine Not Starting?!?


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Hello all.

I'm off to look at a Focus this weekend that is/ was a Cat C write off and is repaired and back on the road. The place selling it (a coach works) say that it has not been

in a crash at all (it looks immaculate in the photos) but was written off because the engine would not start. They claim that the injectors and oil (plus whatever else) have been replaced and that it now runs. And runs well.

Is it feasible that an engine not turning/ sparking can write a car off? I've not heard of this before, but then I am new to diesels as well. Is there something amiss here?

I have done an HPI check which stated the car is Cat C and has a new V5 forum and MoT etc. This confirmed by my insurance company who are happy with what they see on their systems.

I'm going to have a look at all the DVLA and VOSA documents the place has, as well as look at their worksheets and see what work has taken place.

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Could have been flood damaged maybe. A friend of mine has just had his car written off because his wife drove it through deep water. Insurance paid out, car is now at a breakers somewhere waiting to be fixed and resold probably.

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