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Dash Lights/'headlights Still On' Alarm/plate Light


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A few months back my dashboard lights stopped working on my 2004 TDCI Fiesta Zetec.

The fuel display and temperature display is lit up and the lights are all on when i turn the key but at night i cant see the rev counter or speedometer as those lights are out. Also if i leave the headlights on, take out the key and open the door the audible alarm doesnt sound. Also my 2 licence plate bulbs arent working - i bought new ones yesterday and put them in to see if it was a bulb problem but it isnt.

Also, on a couple of journeys at night recently the interior light has flashed on then went straight off.

What are your thoughts............a fuse problem (something that i can sort) or is it a case of taking it in to the local auto electrician for taking the dash off etc?

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I get you now Willy - shame you didnt read my post though - i didnt say i hadnt had a single reply in 24 hours i said the forum was showing i hadnt had a single viewing of the post in 24 hours. Thanks for your 'contribution' though

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