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Ford Fiesta Lights


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Hey All,

I have a ford fiesta 2014 Manual Transmission 1.25L

Amazing car.

One question though ...

The car lights which are on the left side of the steering wheel

got me confused.

I read the car manual explaining what is the purpose of each one of the three there

but still when I drive I can't seem to understand completely.

Every time when I drive I use the third option to the right,

I see that I have lights on the road with the first option and the third one

and they have different heights.

It seems to me as if the third option doesn't have enough light as it should be,

Wish it was more powerful or that's the fiesta's light capabilities ...

Would love to hear your opinions

on which light should I use for ordinary driving (not talking on tall lights)

Thanks Guys :)

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It should be the choice of

1: Off

2: Parking/Side Lights

3: Headlights (Pull indicator towards yourself for FULL beam)

With an empty car the numbered dial should be left at 0 as it levels the headlights with a trailer it would be 3-4 depending on the weight and I think adding a passenger to the back of the car would require position 1, it's best left on 0 90% of the time.

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