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Spare Wheel / Jack Question - 2013 Fiesta.


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So, I got a space saver spare wheel off ebay (21 quid with long retaining bolt-thing - bargain!) - now all I need is a jack for my 2013 Zetec S.

Will any Fiesta jacks be ok? There seem to be two types knocking around. The later ones are like a "double scissor" with the earlier ones just being a scissor from one side. There seems to be an overlap around 2008 of those two types, so I assume I'd be ok with either?

Earlier type:


Later type:


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yes in theroy they should be fine, its up to you, but being honest ive learnt its better to pay a bit more and get something you know fits rather than save money and hoping it fits and if it doesnt then thats time and money wasted imo

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More confused that ever... There's some kits from 2013 with the one sided jack - so I'll just get one of those. There's a couple coming up at 99p with a day left. Can't see them getting all that high.

Thanks anyhow.

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Any of them will do Paul, I would go for the cheap one, or go down to your local scrap yard and pick a jack and brace up for £5.

I got a brand new (unmarked) 15" space saver, scissor jack, brace, polystyrene insert and 4 nuts for £20.


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I've only ever used the cheaper kind on my current car. Does the job fine as long as you're not planning on leaving the car in the air for ages, just changing the wheel

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