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I want get a shorter aerial I bought a ripspeed one from Halfords but the reception is really poor, does anyone know of any decent shorter ones, or if cutting down the standard aerial is possible? Thanks

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I took the original ford whip off too .... I got a richbrook one from amazon ... What I've found is that when you search for stations it's bad but it picks up the pre set radio stations that I already tuned in with the other Ariel .

... Any one cut one down ? There is probably a good reason why it was that long in the first place - Good reception lol

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The length of the aerial (more correctly called antenna as it does not transmit ;)) is tuned to match thr frequency range it is intended to receive.

It's all to do with sympathetic resonance.

The higher the frequency range the shorter the antenna.

That's why you used to see whacking great aerials for CB radio users.

Unless you have a factory standard antenna or a short helical antenna which is mached to the correct VHF range you will get terrible reception.

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I believe you'll find that the Richbrook ones have a tightly packed wire coil inside them that mimics a longer antenna so will give a decent signal in a compact unit.

The Halfords type 'Bee Sting' ones are nice to look at but don't work very well.

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