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D13 HPD 95

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ok guys ive got a couple of mods to do to the fez and need some help

first off is the brake line upgrade - how hard is it to do this and will i need specialist tools ? or leave it to a garage?

im doing the exhaust and rear spacers my self, so with the exhaust cut the old down pipe in to remove the two sections, then line up the new exhaust all loose then when im happy with where its at use some paste on the joints and clamp together ?? sounds about right??

cheers for any help

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Are you looking at braided brake hoses? Fairly straight forward to do, you will need a few spammers and whatever your choice of kit for bleeding.. No special tools though

With the exhaust my biggest bit of advice is measure the pipe diameters first! Not the first time I have come across an exhaust supplied by a factors that's a different diameter to the original. You don't want to cut it then realise it's wrong .

I think you pretty much know what your doing anyway

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TIP... remove the brake fluid reservior cap and cover with cling film, replace the cap.

This will seal the air intake hole and stop most of the fluid from dripping out of the pipe when you remove the flexie.

THis should save you having to fully bleed the system.

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