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Programming A Spare Key - 2002 Fiesta


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Hi all,

My dad has got a 2002 Fiesta TDCI but he only has one key (3 button remote).

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to programme a new key without the master key?

He doesn't want to pay the extortionate cost of getting one from Ford if he can avoid it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Rod.

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You can programme another key which will unlock the vehicle yourself yes, but it will not start the car. If you want it to start, then i'm afraid you'll have to get it coded!

The coding itself does not take long, so if you had the spare key already and had it cut ready to go, then the price Ford want to code it may be less expensive than asking them to supply and code a brand new key?

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I managed to put together a fully functioning key for my 02 Focus but I had the original master key so that was relatively straightforward. I had hoped the same could be done with the Fiesta, without the master key.

Oh well, worth asking the question. I'll speak to the local Ford garage.

Thanks for the advice Joe.

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