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Bit Of Advice Needed........


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Hello everyone,

I currently have a fiesta ST on a 56 plate and I have done 76k miles in it. I think it's time to have a change!

I have been looking at the new corsa limited edition 85bhp but it seems like everyone has one!! I have a friend who works in my local ford and he has suggest the fiesta ecoboost 125bhp. Looks sporty I must say.

I want to kinda downsize the engine as I don't do a huge amount of driving, 6 miles a day to and from work and maybe something a bit more comfy.

Any advice would be much appreciated but go easy on me!



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Corsa's aren't too bad but from my experience the mpg around town is pretty bad. Best I ever managed is 35mpg. Go with the 125hp ecoboost over the limited edition any day! I easily manage 45+mpg around town and easily 55+ cruising at 70mph (with the odd sprint for an overtake) on a motorway, pretty sure you could get 60+ if you really stuck at 60-70mph the whole time.

Not to mention the corsa will cost you £105 a year in road tax whereas the fiesta will cost you the whole of £0!

Plus the ecoboost is a bit more powerful and will be more fun when you decide to go for a longer drive :)

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I Have the 125 ecoboost and the wife has the limited edition corsa

Only 1 winner...........

The fiesta is head and shoulders above the corsa in every respect..

Better engine

Better styling

Better specs

Better MPG

No Road Tax

Might pay more for a fiesta but it will be worth every penny mate

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The only thing that would tempt me with the limited edition corsa is that it is possible to pick up a new one with delivery miles (5-10 miles) for under 10k

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Hi guys,

Thanks for that advice, I might take one for a spin.

As you say, I am tempted by the brand new corsa as could pick one up cheaper.!

My friend told me about this http://www.jermynandsons.co.uk/used-car-ford-fiesta-hatchback-533 - I would have to change the wheels though!!


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Brilliant. I will take a look....

Big question is, do I sell my car privately or part ex? Any idea what it would be worth?


Always get more selling private but more hassle

i got close to what i wanted for mine by haggling with the garage and saved all the hassle of selling private

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If you go from an ST to a corsa you will hate it.

Nothing to do with the fact I strongly detest anything with a vauxhall badge (horrible rotboxes) but you'd have to wring it's neck to get any kind of joy out of it.

You will be far happier with the Fiesta.

You know it makes sense.

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