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Door Edge Protectors


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Hi, been a while since I posted anything but back again and with a new car. Picked up my 14 plate St last week. When I ordered the car Ford 'kindly' decided to give me the door edge protectors at no extra cost, great I thought, if it's free then happy days. Well, got the car home, had a good look round (found a rip in the rear headrest - Ford are sorting this out) decided to close the passenger door, heard a strange snap noise then found the door edge protector on the floor. Tried to reattach it only to find that the clip bracket has snapped !!!! Considering I had owned the car for all of 4 hours at this time it's pretty poor. I know I was given this option free of charge but some people will be paying the £80 extra for this very flimsy novelty. Anyway, car has to go back to my local dealer for the item to be replaced this week.

Has anyone else got these protectors and if so what's your experience of them thus far?


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From what I have read they have a habit of getting stuck open and then damaging the bodywork as you shut the door.

I don't know how many people have got on fine with them, but seeing as I'm careful getting out the car and it doesn't stop idiots dooring your car, I specifically avoided them.

If it was me, I'd ask for them to be removed and blanked off. In my opinion you were lucky it only snapped off and didn't damage the car. :/

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I think it was Loz who had one stick open and damage the side panel.

The only protection that would have been good , would have been a sensor that if that door was knocked , would then fire a large iron bar into the side panel of the offending car that just clipped you with their door :)

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