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Flooded Tdci 2006 Focus Won't Start... Help


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Right, I've recently bought a flood damaged tdci focus and can't get the bugger to start, not even crank over...

All I am getting is a starter motor click where the pin engages but does not turn...

What I have tried so far is:

1. Removed the injectors and checked the bores for water traces... None found

2. Manually turned the engine over at the crank to make sure it is not seized, turns fine.

3. Removed the starter from the bell housing and tried starting the car, just to see if the starter would spin, nothing, pin comes out but no spin..

4. Removed the starter and had it bench tested, works fine...

Other things to mention, the battery is dead but I have used a jump pack, not sure if that would make a difference...

Could it be caused by a duff alternator? Don't see how because the jump pack is powering the car....

Any suggestions welcomed...

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I think your problem is down to your battery. Although you are using a jumper, if the battery is faulty or not firmly connected, for instance the posts are corroded or loose, it will not turn the starter motor over. The other possibility is that your jumper is not powerful enough. I have 2 jump starters, one of which is a 900amp and starts my car when the battery is flat without any problem. The other is a 400amp and it is not strong enough to start a 1.8 diesel engine. Hope this helps

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If your battery is totally flat it may be unrecoverable, in which case you will need to replace it. If it is a sealed unit battery you could try charging it if you have access to a battery charger. If the battery is not of the sealed variety check your cell fluid levels and top them up if necessary, after which I suggest you try charging the existing battery for 24 hours to see if it will accept a charge. If it does then try starting the car again. You could try checking the output leads from the battery with a multimeter, whilst turning on the ignition to the start position. It may give you an indication as to whether the power is coming out of the battery.

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